On Becoming – Brett’s Inner Coach

braden-collum-87874-unsplashBrett Ledbetter interviewed 15 successful athletic coaches to see what they had in common. It was this. They focus less on the results, more on the process, but they recognize that character is what drives the process is what drives the results.

Character —> Process —> Results

The focus on process excited me. I have this impression that people, in general, are trying to become. We set out on a good, forward-thinking, inspired journey to become, and we get distracted by the results.

  • Results that don’t happen, even though we do the right things.
  • Results that happen and feel good, so we seek similar results instead of process.
  • My sister’s results. I admire something in her and want to be like that, so I focus on her results instead of her process.

Becoming is a verb. Becoming lives in process. Separating the process of becoming from the results is important.

Life Changing Principles, Inc. is about process. How can I go about my life so I can face hard things? How can I get unstuck when I feel stuck. How can I continue my journey, my becoming, with hope and meaning. How can I take action when I can’t see the outcome or be guaranteed results.

(Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash)


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