Real Life, Not a Glossed Over Fake One

A friend sent me this article about the new Come Follow Me home-centered curriculum. It has some great ideas for teaching at home, but right in the middle of the article is a gem of a principle.

As uncomfortable as this feels sometimes, it’s important that we show them how the Gospel of Jesus Christ works in a real life, not a glossed over fake one. They need to observe us messing up and repenting and working to get better. They need to see how moving through life with faith is sometimes a little scary, that hope can be slippery and hard to grasp and watch as we apply the atoning power of Christ to endure. Watching us we hope they’ll learn that it’s not about perfection as much as it is about showing up, enduring, trying again and again, and ultimately relying on grace.img_3521-768x512

Ultimately that’s what Goals with Kids is all about. It’s about showing up and claiming something you want in your future, starting, trying again, being curious about what went well and what didn’t go well, adjusting, and trying yet again. It’s about aiming straight for following Christ, and then enduring the up and down, switchback, all around path that Christ takes us on with curiosity and humility, which is simply a willingness to learn. And we endure that amazing, scary, faith-filled, unexpected process all the way to the end.

Saydi Shumway: Meridian magazine January 15, 2019


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