Beginner Mindset

Beginner Mindset

When we are beginners, we naturally try things out and learn by experience. When we learn how to walk, we fall down a thousand times, and that’s okay. After awhile we become good at it and once we are good at it, we get feedback, praise, and positive emotions from our accomplishment. When we are youth or adults, any form of falling down feels like complete failure. We are reluctant to leave this place of competence to once again return to our beginner state of mind. We can return there by letting go of the expectation that this has to turn out a certain way. 

New things are uncertain and there is no guarantee it’s going to turn out or that we are going to be any good at it. There are still so many things to learn to be an adult, even when we are in the middle of adulthood. Fight the uncertainty by embracing a beginner’s mindset. Permission to fail. Permission to look silly. Permission to not get it at first. Permission to be a beginner again. We can both model it for our children and youth and teach it to them directly. 

With the new 2020 roll out of the Children and Youth initiative beginning January 2020, LDS kids will have the opportunity to have a beginner mindset by choosing their first goals. Support your kids by supporting their goals. No matter what their first goal is, from reading the Book of Mormon to getting to the next level of their current video game, let them be the one to choose.

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