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12 Steps To Get My Kid To ...

We can't have peace in our house or prepare them for their future
without some cooperation.

But how do you get your kid to do boring, hard, unpleasant stuff without ruining your relationship?

We get how hard parenting is.

We know how important it is to get this right.

This tool is based on motivation and positive psychology research at Harvard and 35 years of personal experience.

Feel free to email me at LeAnn@lifechangingprinciples.com if you have questions!

Its simple to get started


Choose one thing you need your kid to do.


Read the PDF to make a plan


Be a more confident parent with options

What would you do for their future?

Life is hard enough.
If kids are missing life skills the world is even harder.

It takes time and energy to parent and it's worth it.
Let this PDF save you some of that time and energy.

Never Feel Out of Options Again

You want to get your kids to do boring, hard, unpleasant things sometimes.
You also want to enjoy them and keep a great relationship.

Give your kids more options and get them to do what you need them to.
Give yourself more options while parenting in the moment.

You have the power to change your home.

Never feel out of options again.