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Goals with Kids Workshop Live, Online

You'll learn to...

Stay calm with your kid

When we regulate our emotions, we create safe environments
for our kids. They feel free to tell us what they want, what
problems they’re facing, and how their goals are going. Then we
can better coach our kids through their goals.

Engage with goals

No matter how hard we work or how many goals we
accomplish, we will never be done with goals. We will find more
satisfaction and peace along the way if, instead of desperately
trying to finish an endless list, we focus on engaging with the
process, engaging with our kids, and engaging with a meaningful

Manage failure

When we fail, we sometimes forget that failure can propel us
forward just like success. Even if we
fail ten times in a row, we find ourselves in new territory with a
new perspective on the world around us that can help us adjust
future goals.

What comes with the workshop?


These worksheets—designed for both you and your kids—will help you remember what you’ve learned and make the process more visual and exciting.


You will have access to videos to help you prepare for the workshop. The videos will help you learn the basics of Goals with Kids so you’re ready to jump right in. 

Live Interactive Class

The workshop meets live in an online interactive meeting space called Zoom. There will be instructive periods as well as times for discussion and questions.

50% off Personal Coaching

You’ll get a code for 50% off up to two personal coaching sessions.
You can use these sessions to discuss how to tackle your own personal
goals or how to help your kids with their goals.

What will be taught in the workshop?

You Run Your Own Country

Goal Loops Are Like Wagon Wheels

Good Parenting Is Engaged Parenting

Online Workshop

Portrait of a beautiful brunette teenage girl with a nice smile

You’re a parent. You’re busy. We get that.

You’re already doing a lot. And you’re already doing a lot well. The “goal loops” we use in Goals with Kids aren’t meant to add to your to‐do list. They are a way of thinking about, talking about, and engaging with what you are already doing.

When you work through a goal loop yourself, you follow seven basic steps. When you talk through a goal with someone else, you have two conversations with them. This simple framework will both help you 7 work through your own goals and help you coach your kids through their goals, all the while encouraging them to develop a goal‐setting mindset that will grow more independent with each attempt.

Online Workshop

Why did I create this workshop?


I’ve spent twelve years teaching Life Changing Principles in many roles: as a Stake Institute teacher, as a certified coach, as an academic researcher, and as a mother, just to name a few. When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‐day Saints announced a new children and youth development initiative, I realized that many parents are missing a mindset of home‐centered goal setting. This workshop is born of two years of researching and gathering experiences to give parents tools that actually work to that end.

Online Workshop




I’ve tried it, and it totally works. I never thought it would because I have some emotional teenage girls, and it has been so awesome to see…



There is no one right goal you have to work on. I felt like there are a lot of things I’m supposed to be doing…[LeAnn] always gives that great sense of freedom to me. It’s totally up to me.



I feel a sense of urgency now that I hear everyone talking about it and getting trained on it. I don’t know what I am doing, but at least LeAnn is giving me a tip of the iceberg to stand on.



I want my kids to be successful…Before the class I was setting goals for them, but now I have reversed the way I’ve communicated with them. It’s actually their goals, and I am just supporting it, so when they are older they know they are the ones that made these goals happen.

Online Workshop