Stress Response

Stress Response

Stress Response

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Our bodies are remarkably designed to inform us of things that we need. When you need food, it tells you that you are hungry. When you need rest, it tells you that you are tired. 

The same thing happens when we are stressed. 

When we experience stress, our bodies produce an automatic reaction called a stress response. When a stressor appears, your body registers it as a threat, a physical change occurs, and chemicals are released throughout your body to help you respond to that stressor. This response is meant to get your attention, which is why it is so uncomfortable to experience. 

In this podcast, LeAnn teaches how you can turn off your stress response by creating what is called a relaxation response. Through simple things like controlling your breathing and reframing your thoughts, you can physically change what is happening in your body. When you can control the physical response you are feeling and turn off the feelings of alarm and discomfort, you are more capable of properly dealing with whatever stressor is before you.

Most importantly, understanding the stress response helps us sit with it and tolerate it more effectively, so it dissipates sooner.

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