Goal Getters

LeAnn Hunt & Nichole Eck

“Parents are offered important and insightful tools to help them feel confident establishing home-centered goal setting that is so vital to their children’s success. I highly recommend Goal Getters!” —Randal A. Wright, PhD

In Goal Getters, discover a wealth of inspired advice on how to help your kids establish healthy expectations, evaluate progress, stop fearing failure, and stay motivated through goal loops, an individualized approach to goal setting.

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Use these charts to help roll through your goal loops

Achievement Chart

This chart is an achievement board to help you remember the progress your are making.

When we achieve a goal or a step toward a goal, it’s time to celebrate! Take a moment to acknowledge your progress. In the middle of other hard goals it’s easy to forget our past accomplishments, so having them displayed can help us remember.

Write directly on the page or add your own sticky notes with the tiny or big accomplishments you’ve made toward your goals. You can use the chart for a specific goal, or for all of your goals together.

No achievement is too small. We can be proud of ourselves for making a phone call that moved us closer to our goal. Or we can be proud of ourselves for finally memorizing our recital song after two months of practice. Both accomplishments go on the board!​

Emotions Chart

This chart helps children and youth learn to ride the emotional wave of goal setting.

Because emotions are such a present force, it is nice to have someplace to come back to and see what emotions you have had throughout the entire process and not just what you are feeling right now.

Comparing frequency of emotions on different goals that you are tracking is also insightful information on how you truly feel about your goal, not what you think you should feel.

Mountain Chart

This chart is a quick way to get your kids interested in goals or to get some quick traction starting a habit or practice goal.
If you are new to goal loops:
Print the chart and post it on the fridge.
Ask the 3 Questions about something you already did, like putting your kids to bed. That’s a goal loop!
Fill in a goal loop wheel each each time you finish a goal loop.
1- It gets you in the habit of calmly and positively evaluating your actions.
2- It gets your kids interested in goal loops when they see it on the fridge.
You can also use it to record your first 7 times you do or practice your goal.

Goal Loop Tracker

Take a pause after a goal loop to reflect back on your efforts and brainstorm ideas for moving forward with the goal if you choose to.

Goal loop Tracker 2

This chart has the same purpose as the previous one, but is more condensed so you can go through more iterations of your goals.

Conversation Chart

As you put effort toward your goal, use this chart to record your ideas, reflections, and goal loop adjustments as you loop onward. Often there is enough space to record on a single sheet a number of Goal Loops within the goal.