Meet LeAnn

I’m a mom of seven, published author, and certified coach with thirty semesters of teaching experience and 1.3 master’s degrees (in Secondary Education and Psychology) under my belt so far. I love digging deep to make sense of life’s messy situations, and I LOVE teaching what I learn in the process. I believe we have the power to change our lives, our homes, and our relationships, and I believe we deserve the same kind of training at home that we can get at work, school, and the gym. Life-Changing Principles courses can provide that training.

I raised seven kids

I’m a mom of 7 kids, all of them grown up now. From toddlers to teenagers—and even in that awkward parent-to-mentor transition that happens when our kids become adults—I’ve been there, done that, and seen it all.

I coach parents

You don’t need a certification to coach yourself. I coach parents to be the kind of parent they want to be, but I also want to train you to coach yourself and your kids, even if you never get certified. You CAN coach yourself.

I teach principles

I like taking messy, complicated topics and breaking them down into manageable bite-sized pieces. My teaching superpower is to pull existing wisdom from each participant as we figure out together how to take tiny action steps to solve our big problems. I teach principles that are accessible, relatable, clear, and transformative. Some of my favorite things to hear from my students are, “I can’t stop thinking about…” “I do…differently now,” and “You changed the way I think about….”

I read the research.

I thought all my problems as a young mom were unique…until I took a local parenting class and realized that there were other people out there with the same problems and with ideas that worked for me! Whether it’s Googling questions, taking courses, reading books, studying academic journals, or finding anecdotal experiences, I read the research and bring you the best parts that can change your life, your home, and your relationships.

The Book

In Goal Getters, discover a wealth of inspired advice on how to help your kids establish healthy expectations, evaluate progress, stop fearing failure, and stay motivated through goal loops, an individualized approach to goal setting.

LeAnn Hunt


LeAnn is an entrepreneur, family life coach, and mom of 7 adult kids. She has a degree in computer science and a masters degree in secondary education. She is pursuing a masters in psychology from Harvard Extension School. She is the creator of Goals with Kids, which is patterned after her favorite teaching stint of 24 semesters teaching and discussing Life-Changing Principles with 30-90 women each semester.

Nichole Eck


Nichole is an author and editor based in Spanish Fork, Utah. Since graduating from Brigham Young University, she has worked with the New Era and Liahona magazines, published short fiction in Sibyl’s Scriptorium, and won multiple first place prizes in the Storymakers First Chapter Contest with various works of science fiction and fantasy. Learn more at

Writing helps me think about and remember what’s important to me. I wrote journal entries as a kid, newspaper articles as a reporter, and magazine articles as a freelance writer. I wrote the book that teaches you how to coach yourself and your kids along your goal-setting journeys. Learn more.