How to Get Your Kid to... ?

An online class for parents who struggle with their kid’s motivation.

What's in the Course?

Supporting motivation in your kids – 7 lessons

Standing strand as a parent  – 6 lessons

The 12-step model – based on motivational and parenting  research

Your lesson made me rethink the whole way I’ve acted as her mom! So I’ve really tried to take a step back recently and be a little more “chill” with her.

- Susan

This class has changed my crazy mother heart and mind, to be what and where it needs to be. I simple asked the 3 questions and reacted with love and the ability to let go of any outcomes I was wanting. My son felt empowered to think and recognized what he did do well. He was able to come to all the conclusions I had wanted to tell him, on his own! So big thanks for helping me and in turn helping my children.

- Jamie

This class will help you to:

  • Get your kids to do things without killing their motivation
  • Become curios and confident, with new options
  • Build greater motivation in your kid
  • Understand the power of active listening
  • Realized that naming their emotions calms kids down
  • Hold “Motivation Conversations” with you kid
  • Stand Strong as a parent – with new skills
  • Use these new skills to have move control over your home

The Secret to getting your kids to…

How Do I Get My Kid To . . .?  If you’re asking this question, welcome to the club of good parents. Good parents need their kids to do things. We have a household to run, their futures to prepare for, and we need some cooperation. It’s normal, whether your kid is 2, 10, or 17. 

So how do we do it? Using force as a way of life isn’t going to work in the long run. 

We need a better plan. Here’s our game plan based on motivation research and 35 years of personal experience.

  • Get Clear (on what we what and why with the ”One Liner” and the “Dance”)
  • Stand Strong As Parent (learn 3 new skills)
  • Build motivation (understanding the “Secret Sauce” of Competence, Autonomy, and Connection)

It’s frustrating that we didn’t learn how to do this growing up. But we can still learn now and teach our kids. If you feel like you’ll go crazy if you don’t get some help and cooperation around here, then take a deep breath. We teach a 12 steps process to get you through this. 

None of us knew parenting was going to be this hard when we first had kids. We’re all after the same things. We love our kids. We want to live together in a fun peaceful household. We want them to be prepared for whatever future they choose when they leave home. And we want to have good relationships with them not just now, but forever.

When we learn principles and tools behind motivation, we can stay calm in the middle of a tough conversation because we have options. No change happens overnight, but when we have options, things go better. When we have options, we stay calm and our kids are more likely to do what we need them to do. They feel loved and respected. These steps work. They are based on principles and tools from positive psychology and motivation research.

Course Details

How to Get Your Kid Too... ?


We all want to stand strong as a confident parents. Good parenting is about relationships and a lot more. It requires options and skills. We can learn to be a Good Parent GOOD at Parenting. This course is about learning some of those skills. We learn how to get our kids to the things we need them to do while honoring they autonomy and giving them a say in their lives. How to create good boundaries, stay calm, build Competence, share power, and build strong relationships.

12 Step Method PDF


  • Lesson 1 – Motivation
  • Lesson 2 – Secret Sauce
  • Lesson 3 – Integration
  • Lesson 4 – Autonomy
  • Lesson 5 – The 12 Steps
  • Lesson 6 – Competence
  • Lesson 7 – Connection
  • Lesson 8 – Motivation Conversation

Stand Strong as a Parent

  • Lesson 9 – Stewardship
  • Lesson 10 – Influence
  • Lesson 11 – Boundaries
  • Lesson 12 – Share Power
  • Lesson 13 – Realistic Parenting
  • Lesson 14 – Stay Calm

Sample Lesson

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