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An online course to teach PARENTS a new way of goal setting so they can transform their own goal effort and teach their kids

What's in the Course?

5 video lessons – Goal setting foundations

10 video lessons – Strategies for better goal results

55 page workbook – 14 worksheets

8 podcast episodes – Using a Goal Journal

"Your class on goal setting was just mind blowing! I have known about goals all my life, but I loved approaching it from a different way."

- Margaret

Goal Setting is a LEARNABLE skill

Hi, I'm LeAnn

I set my first goals at age 14. Since then I’ve raised 7 children, gotten a couple of degrees, written some books, and become obsessed with how to teach family leaders (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles) a framework, principles, and tools for creating what they want in their lives and in their families using goals.


  • Goal Getters: Coaching Your Kids Along the Covenant Path. Available on Amazon, Deseret Book, Seagull Book and other independent LDS bookstores.


  • Positive Psychology (UPenn)
  • Nutrition (Stanford)
  • Board Certified Coach: Family Life Coaching (CCE)


  • B.S. Computer Science, BYU
  • Masters in Education
  • Currently pursuing Masters in Psychology at Harvard Extension School


  • BYU Education Week speaker
  • Stake and Ward Adult and Youth events
  • Young Adult presentations

This course is based on my book
Goal Getters

“Parents are offered important and insightful tools to help them feel confident establishing home-centered goal setting that is so vital to their children’s success. I highly recommend Goal Getters!” —Randal A. Wright, PhD

In Goal Getters, discover a wealth of inspired advice on how to help your kids establish healthy expectations, evaluate progress, stop fearing failure, and stay motivated through goal loops, an individualized approach to goal setting.


Certified Coach & Masters in Education

I Loved the Idea of Goals

I set my first goals at age 14.

Goals gave me hope, created excitement, energized me, and made me feel proud!

But I Didn't Know How

But my goals on paper didn’t translate into my real life.

I’d forget or start with a burst, then fizzle. I thought it was just me.

So I Kept Failing

I knew I was capable, but I almost always failed.

It never dawned on me that goal setting was a learnable skill with multiple parts.

Goal Setting is a LEARNABLE skill​

It all starts with the framework

Learn a simple framework for goal setting that takes the mystery out of transforming your goals into real life results.

You can transform your goals

When you learn the framework you will be able to:

  • Make sense of goal setting
  • Use failure to learn more about your goal landscape
  • Apply 7 goal strategies to get goal traction
  • Get your goals into your real life
  • Enjoy goal setting again
With the Goals with Kids course, goal effort becomes exciting and you immediately experience a host of small wins.

You’ll LOVE setting goals again!

Why are goals hard?

We never learned how to set and manage goals as kids.

We don’t understand the terrain ahead. No one can. 

Even if we achieve a goal, the celebration is over in a moment and we’re on to the next one.

We don’t summit the Everest of Life and declare victory over adulthood once and for all. We need ongoing goals!

What are we going to do about it?

Goal Setting is a LEARNABLE skill.  We learn to:

  • Navigate unexpected goal terrain
  • Get traction on hard goals
  • Practice Goal Loops

We’re going to:

  • Get ourselves a goal journal
  • Figure out what we really want
  • Get started on our goals again
  • Teach our kids so they don’t struggle like we did

Course Details


Goals with Kids

In the first 5 lessons, you’ll learn the foundational framework of Goals with Kids. With this framework and the Goal Loop tool, you’ll be able to take a fresh look and turn any goal around. The next 10 lessons take you through 7 different strategies to get traction on your goals.


Goal Framework

  • Lesson 1 – Goal Terrain
  • Lesson 2 – Failure Moments
  • Lesson 3 – Goal Loops
  • Lesson 4 – Goals vs Goal Loops
  • Lesson 5 – Outcome, Purpose & Takeaway

Get Traction with the Goal Framework

  • Lesson 6 – Goal framework with 7 strategies
  • Lesson 7 – Brainstorm often
  • Lesson 8 – Who Owns the Goal?
  • Lesson 9 – Design Your Goal
  • Lesson 10 – Create Associative Reminders
  • Lesson 11 – Goal Effort
  • Lesson 12 – Track a Goal
  • Lesson 13 – Check-in With Your Goal
  • Lesson 14 – Adjust & Declutter Your Goals
  • Lesson 15 – Goal Traction

Sample Lesson

Watch a 3 minute video excerpt from Lesson 7 – Brainstorm. 

Check out the lesson worksheet and video synopsis!

Lesson 7

Lesson 7: Brainstorm


Brainstorming is a skill. We brainstorm possible goals to choose, which outcomes we actually want for our goals, and what our next steps are throughout our goal. To brainstorm, we write the ideas down. No judging! Have at least one crazy idea in the mix, and brainstorm as many ideas as you can think of. 

Along with the 15 lessons, you also get


Get Kids Interested In Goals

This mini-course guides you step by step in how to peak your kids’ interest in goals.

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction
  • Lesson 2 – Mindset & Preparation
  • Lesson 3 – Make it Visible
  • Lesson 4 – Benefits
  • Lesson 5 – Celebrate!
  • Lesson 6 – Achievement Board
  • Lesson 7 – Family Goal 
  • Lesson 8 – Brainstorm

Podcast Series

How to Start a Goal Journal
goal journal sheets

This Podcast Series teaches you how to start your own goal journal. 

  • Honor Your Efforts
  • Reflect
  • No Clear Path
  • Messy Middle
  • Permission
  • White Space


Watch from your phone or computer.


Watch on your own schedule.


Multitask as you listen in small bites.




The whole Goal Loop has been very, very helpful for me. Goal Loops give me confidence to set goals again.




It's like Wonder Woman with her Lasso. The magic of the lasso is in the Goal Loop. You lasso your goal and it becomes your choice what to do with the goal.

Goals with Kids

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