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End the frustration

of not being able to get your kids to do things

I have a question for you:

What if you could actually get your kids to do what you need them to do? 


Not every single time, of course. We are human. But reliably – much more often than they do now! 

You know how it is . . .  sometimes your kids are cooperative and things work out fine. They come to dinner and it’s just a normal dinner. Their homework is done for the day – maybe not right after school, but they don’t have anything late that’s due right now. 

But then . . .  other days you feel like they never listen to you. You can’t get them to help with cleanup. They won’t take out the trash or do their job until you yell. They sit around playing video games or doing nothing. And it makes you wonder why you can’t get them to do things. 

Confused. Frustrated. You are bombarded with a million different thoughts: 

Why can’t they just get up and do this simple thing? 

I suck as a parent. 

What are they thinking?

What a brat. They’re so entitled.

They’ll never be ready to live on their own.

. . . . . LOTS LOTS MORE

Let’s face it:

Parenting isn’t as fun as you thought it would be.

You love your kids. And you have a great times together.

But you’re exhausted and tired of them getting a free ride and not helping out. You want them to pitch in. You don’t want to enable them. You want them to be prepared for their futures.

Every kid should know the basics around the house — simple life skills.

How are they going to manage college if they can’t even manage high school homework now?

And you feel like it’s your job to get them to learn these life skills and get them to help out.

You’re a good parent who wants to get good at parenting!

That’s what this course is about – teaching skills to become good at this part of parenting.

What if ?

What if you could get your house in order?

What if when you asked your kid to do something, they did it?

What if when they complain or get upset or defensive, you knew just what to say to calm them down and go right back to your request?

What if you knew how to bring the conversation back to your original request until they actually do what you need them to do? 

What if your kid’s attempts to bait you didn’t work anymore?

What if you understood a kid’s motivation and realized how you are actually getting in the way?

In this course you’ll learn how to stand strong as a parent and handle your kid’s resistance in real-time.


Did You Know ?

Did you know that only 10% of kids are actually difficult kids? And yet one positive parenting guru claims that 80% of her followers say they have difficult kids! 

It’s not that your kids are outrageously difficult.

You just haven’t learned the skills yet to deal with the difficulty they are currently having.

Parenting is skills based. 

Remember when you had your first child and had to learn how to breast or bottle feed. It’s actually a skill.

Or when you changed a diaper, you learned how to have a cloth ready for when your son peed on the wall.

And then with your second child, you knew how to feed them, but then you had to learn how to care for their eczema?

Parenting is a journey of skill acquisition. 

We gain skills every step of the way.

It’s no different for getting your kids to do things.

It’s a simple set of skills and principles you just haven’t learned yet.

This Course is SKILLS Based

Learn the skills for what to do in the middle of the situation.

When you’re frustrated that your kid won’t clean his room, take out the trash, or apply to college, you’ll know which steps to take.

When you ask your kid to do something and they get upset, you’ll know what to do in the middle of that moment to calm them down and to get back to the point of getting them to do what you need them to do.

You’re already a good parent

You’re here trying to improve your parenting. You didn’t wake up this morning and say, hmm, I think I’ll be a terrible parent today. You’re hanging in there trying to be the best parent you can. You love your kid and you’re a good parent. And now you want to become good (or better) at parenting. Great! You’ve come to the right place. That’s what we do here. We take good parents and teach tools and principles for how to become better at parenting. Specifically how to become better at getting your kids to do what you need them to do.

It’s time to get off the emotional roller coaster

Being a parent is a frustrating roller coaster of emotions.

Everyone goes through the highs and lows of parenting, but some of us feel like the lows drag us down kicking and screaming, burying us under the massive weight of parenting in this increasingly complex world.

When you buy the course, you’ll gain the parenting advantage other parents wish they had.

If you’re like me you want to be enjoying your time with family, not fighting about getting them to do things.

You want to be able to pull up your big-kid pants and do what needs to be done in the tough situations when nothing seems to be working out.

You want to be a confident parent and a role model for your kids.

You don’t want to be the parent who gives in and calls it quits on getting kids to help out just because you got tired of trying and don’t have the skills you need in the moment.

I don’t want that for you either. It sucks.

Instead, join me in the How To Get My Kid To . . . Course. You’ll feel a difference immediately.

What’s included in the course?

The course was taught live over 14 weeks, but you get access to all 14 weeks immediately.

Here is an example of what one week looks like. It’s simple to find any of the class recordings or videos and audios that you want, whenever you want them.

Motivation Conversation


July 8-14


The course has 14 units. Each unit has:

  • Videos
  • Bonus tools and videos
  • Curated TED talks that apply to what we are learning
  • Zoom recordings of the live classes
  • Podcasts specifically addressing what we are learning that week

The course includes a bonus PDF workbook to walk you through the process of getting your kid to do what you need them to do.

All in a binge-worthy portal. Watch it like Netflix.

When you purchase the course you get immediate access. You can zip through the core videos in a few of hours to start making changes right away or take a several weeks to watch everything and really master the material with recorded discussions, tools, and bonus videos.

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In early 2021 the fully polished course will be completed and sold for $200. Right now, I’m offering a behind-the-scenes version of the course for just $20.

Have Questions?

Email me at LeAnn@lifechangingprinciples.com

Q: What if I learn nothing new?

When you binge-watch our course we believe you’ll nod to yourself over and over – yep. That’s true. Yep. That’s how I do it. That totally works.
And then you’ll be watching one of the videos and you’ll say – Wait!
I haven’t heard that!
That’s the piece I’m missing!
I have a new way of looking at this problem!
I have something new to try!

We believe you’ll have many of these moments.


Q: How is this course different?

This is not a parenting course. We don’t teach overall parenting.

We have taken the time to really dive into this one question:

How do I get my kids to _____?

Every single video, tool, bonus, recorded classroom, and podcast adds a piece to the puzzle of how to get your kid to do what you need them to do. It all builds to answer one question and one question only. The question you’re struggling with right now – how do I get my kid to . . . ?

The course is based on research and years of personal parenting experience. 


Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

You might be asking yourself: What if it doesn’t work for me? I’ve tried other parenting gurus and it didn’t help.

These principles and tools absolutely work.

As you take the course you’ll find things that resonate with you. You’ll find things you are already doing that are working. And you’ll find things you want to try.

When I had my first toddler running around, I got a book from the library – Your 2-Year-Old. They suggested giving 2 choices for which shirt to wear to avoid the morning getting-dressed hassle. I knew nothing about toddlers except for the one growing up with me. I didn’t think the idea would work, but I tried it anyways. I held up two shirts and said – do you want the red one or the blue one. It worked! He chose the shirt and willingly got dressed. It didn’t work every time, but any tip that works a majority of the time is worth learning.

The great thing is that everyone finds something they can use. Something that’s new to them. Something they needed to be reminded of. Something they knew, but that resonates deeper because it’s taught in a new way.

Of course, if you are truly worried that it might not work for you, even if it works for other people, choose the option with the 2-week free trial so you have nothing to lose.

Q: Will it work every time?

Of course not.

We aren’t robots.

But it will work more often than not.

And when it doesn’t work you’ll know what to do about it.

You’ll know when to bring it up again . . .

When to change the environment . . .

And when to let it go.

It will cut out some of the yelling and strong-arming we do as parents to get our kids to do things.

It will cut out some of the door-matting where we let our kids walk all over us.

And it will cut out some of the frustration we have with not knowing how to get our kids to do things.

If you still have more questions email me at Leann@lifechangingprinciples.com

How does it work?


Choose one thing you need your kid to do.


Get access to the course.


Be a more confident parent with options.

The course teaches 12 action steps you can take right now to get your kids to do things.

Start with asking yourself what you actually want them to do and why.

It’s not just action steps.

It’s also principles behind why the action steps work.

The whole course is unpacking the why and how of how to get your kids to do things.

These are the principles and tools that will work!

They are backed by research (and the specific research is referenced in the course).

They are backed by personal experience raising 7 kids.

And they are backed by other students who have tried it and kicked up their parenting a notch or two.

Why did I start Life Changing Principles?


I spent 28 years teaching Life Changing Principles in many roles: as a stake institute teacher, as a life coach, as an academic, and as a mother of seven, just to name a few. As an educator and researcher, I teach tools based in research and personal experience. I know what works for me, for my seven adult children, and for the many students that have attended my courses.

Hear from others who have taken the courses:

Leanne W.


When we talked a few weeks ago about stewardship, LeAnn, that has helped me immensely. I feel like I can step back and see the forest for the trees. I can step back and not be part of the forest. There’s a gap. And you just need that gap. And sometimes you’re just so in it you think there’s a gap, but there’s not. That’s helped me a ton. I appreciate that. Thank you.



I’ve tried it, and it totally works. I never thought it would because I have some emotional teenage girls, and it has been so awesome



There is no one right goal you have to work on. I felt like there are a lot of things I’m supposed to be doing…[LeAnn] always gives that great sense of freedom to me. It’s totally up to me.



I want my kids to be successful…Before the class I was setting goals for them, but now I have reversed the way I’ve communicated with them. It’s actually their goals, and I am just supporting it, so when they are older they know they are the ones that made these goals happen.

Who Am I?

A Mom

I’m a mom of 7 kiddos who are all grown up now. When they were toddlers or teenagers, I always had the same problem: How do I get them to do things? I was that mom who spent years taking and teaching parenting classes to figure it out.. I checked out library books, talked to other moms, and tried everything to learn what made my kids tick and how to get them too cooperate and chip in.

A Researcher

Any time I have had a question in all those years, I go down a rabbit hole of google searches, taking classes, reading books, looking up research, and asking other moms until I resolved my question. I got good at parenting. Just like you are doing now - I searched for answers for how to parent until I found something that worked. This course has everything I know about how to get our kids to do what we need them to do without yelling and forcing them.

A Teacher

I am a teacher. I have a Masters Degree in education (which you probably don’t care about) and hundreds of loyal students who love my classes. (You’d probably love to meet them.) I’m also getting another masters degree at Harvard Extension School in psychology. So far the courses on resilience, positive psychology, and coaching have been remarkable. I pass all that learning on to you. With the frustration of Covid-19 and the miracle of technology and the desire to teach more than just the women of Gilbert, Arizona, I’ve taken my classes online. You’re on the same journey I was. I’m just a few years ahead of you.

I want to help you get access to this life changing course. It's for good parents who want to be good at parenting.

Right now, I’m offering this course at 90% off.

In early 2021 the fully polished course will be completed and sold for $200. Right now, I’m offering a behind-the-scenes version of the course for just $20. You’ll get all course materials and live classroom recordings with real questions from real parents without all the fancy course packaging.

There's 2 ways to buy the course:


Immediate access to “How To Get My Kid To…”
and other courses in progress.

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Pay once for month-long access to the  “How To Get My Kid To…” course.

No recurring payment and no free trial. Just a one-time $20 for access for a month.

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Courses Schedule

6 Weeks, April 2020

  1. Influence Your Resilience
  2. Stress Response
  3. Faith & Social Support
  4. Coping
  5. Cognitive Re-framing
  6. Mindfulness

8 weeks, May 2020

  1. Motivation
  2. Secret Sauce
  3. Integration
  4. Autonomy Support
  5. 12 steps PDF
  6. Competence
  7. Connection
  8. Motivation Conversation

6 weeks, July 2020

  1. Stewardship
  2. Influence
  3. Boundaries & One-Liner
  4. Share Power
  5. Realistic Parenting
  6. Keep Calm

4 weeks, September 2020

4 weeks, October 2020

13 weeks, January 2021

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