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Easy way to start a goal conversation

How to get kids interested in goals

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Children & Youth Principles and Tips

Do What Works (2:08)


How do I know what works? (1:41)

Vision - facing challenges (3:44)

You've Already Started! (5:09)

Home-Centered (3:12)

Personal Revelation drives C&Y (7:05)

C&Y Quiz? (4:32)

Individual Nature (0:53)

Question Sheet

Question Sheet

How do I talk to children and youth about goals?

This free download is loaded with questions to not only get you started setting goals, but to guide you as you move through the messy middle of a goal.

Goal Booklet

How to Fold a Mini Goal Booklet (3:46)

This tiny goal booklet is a pocket-sized handbook for how to start a goal journal. It's fun way to introduce goals to children and youth in families, classes, or quorums.

For Leaders

This page was created to support families and leaders in implementing the Children and Youth Initiative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It’s made for LDS children, youth, families, young women leaders, and quorum leaders. The emphasis is on the Children and Youth Personal Development booklets and helping families, classes, and quorums set goals. YW & YM leaders are free to use the resources they find here in their callings.

How to Plan Activities

Activity Brainstorm Tool (5:58)

How to Plan Youth Activites (1:41)

LeAnn is a speaker at the Young Saints conference put on by Leading Saints. Check it out here!

Leading Saints Presentation slides include:

  • Super quick 4-question quiz on C&Y Personal Development
  • How to talk to your Class/Quorum about Personal Development & Goals
  • 6 mini-lessons on How Goals Work

Goal Conversations with Youth (42:03)

Request a Fireside

LeAnn is an experienced speaker at BYU Education week, conferences, firesides, and stake events. She helps parents & leaders establish home-centered goal setting. She lives in the Phoenix area and does both in-person and remote firesides.

To request LeAnn for a fireside or stake event, send a request including your goals and hopes for your event to

Example remote firesides

Remodel Your Home (53:52)

LeAnn provides principles and tips as we Remodel Our Home to be become centers of Gospel Learning, Activities, and Personal Development. (I.E. How to embrace the new church Children and Youth Initiative.)

Goals YA Fireside (40:02)

This Young Adult fireside provides 7 goal tips & strategies for how to start a goal, end a goal, and get traction during a goal. These tips are based on LeAnn’s book Goal Getters: Coaching Your Kids Along the Covenant Path.

Life Changing Principles'


Goals with Kids Course

Home Centered Goal Setting

Goal Setting is a LEARNABLE skill

Goal Getters Book

“Parents are offered important and insightful tools to help them feel confident establishing home-centered goal setting that is so vital to their children’s success. I highly recommend Goal Getters!” —Randal A. Wright, PhD

In Goal Getters, discover a wealth of inspired advice on how to help your kids establish healthy expectations, evaluate progress, stop fearing failure, and stay motivated through goal loops, an individualized approach to goal setting.