Plan a Goal



LeAnn Hunt Explains Plan a Goal

We don’t plan that well

People tend to not plan well. In a [explain planning fallacy research here].

Implementation Intentions are a simple form of planning. You create If-Then scenarios. If I drop my child at school, then I drive to the gym. A 2019 study (de Vet, et al) investigated whether the quality and quantity if these simple plans made a difference in following through. Quality mattered, but quantity didn’t. The surprising thing, however, was that 30% of the participants couldn’t come up with even one specific simple plan for when, where, and how long they would do a chosen activity.


de Vet, E., Oenema, A., & Brug, J. (2011). More or better: Do the number and specificity of implementation intentions matter in increasing physical activity? Psychology of Sport and Exercise12(4), 471–477.