Note To My Future Self


Creating notes to your future self makes it more likely you will do the goals and tasks you set out for your future self.

LeAnn Hunt Explains Note to My Future Self

Most goals don’t get done in one sitting. So, in reality, we’re creating tasks for our future self to do. That’s a good thing! That’s how important goals get planned out. But sometimes future me doesn’t want to do what past me planned. That’s because most goals require effort that’s difficult, boring, awkward, or anxiety-inducing. Who wants that? Not me, looking down at the list I created last week.

But, what if past you sat down with future you and had a heart to heart, reminding you of why this goal is important to the both of you? Would that help? It helps me all the time.

I say things like, “LeAnn, I get it. You might not be interested in doing this anymore. That’s okay. It’s your choice. But here’s why I added this task. Here’s how it fits in our goals.” Or, “Dear Thursday LeAnn, I’m so excited for this next phase of our goal. Can’t wait to see it all come together. I know this is the tedious part. You might not be in the mood. How about a 5 minute lean into the work and see how it goes? If not, I get it. No worries. It’s tough. Good luck! You got this! Love, Monday LeAnn.”

Coaching Questions related to Note to My Future Self

  • Why do you want to do this goal?
  • What might put your future self in the mood to do this part of the goal?
  • How can you support your autonomy to make it more likely you’ll be motivated to pursue the goal?

What Note to My Future Self looks like in a Goal Journal Page