Research Bites

One page summaries of Positive Psychology Research from my psychology masters at Harvard Extension and how all of those positive psychology topics fit into Coaching Ourselves and Our Families.

Topics include: Resilience, Habit, Self-Control, Compassion, Growth Mindset, Grit, Goals, Happiness, Gratitude, Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, Autonomy, Motivation, Coaching, and more.

Principle: The idea that my health is my choice obscures the fact that health is influenced by personal choice and
Principle: Our brains influence our food decisions  automatically and we can make public policies to take advantage of this fact. 
Principle: People are busy, but if they take a minute to determine when, where, and how they will exercise, they
Principle: People overestimate their impulse control, so they over-expose themselves to temptation. Quote: “This biased perception of restraint had important
Principle: Self-Control measured in our brains predicts self-control in everyday situations like resisting the urge to smoke. Quote: “This study
Principle: To reach long-term goals you need more than perseverance; you need passion. Quote: “I mean, if you are really,
Principle: Deliberate Practice creates elite performers, not natural talent. Quote: “The central attribute of deliberate practice is that individuals seek
Principle: World-Class Athletes started later and played more sports than national counterparts. Quote: “Senior world-class performers engaged in more coach-led
Principle: Sticking to a long-term goal you care about creates more success than being smart. Quote: “The gritty individual approaches
Principle: Growth Mindset training can nudge up average math grades for high school freshmen, but supportive growth mindset math teachers


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Research Bites

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Research Bites