Research Bites

One page summaries of Positive Psychology Research from my psychology masters at Harvard Extension and how all of those positive psychology topics fit into Coaching Ourselves and Our Families.

Topics include: Resilience, Habit, Self-Control, Compassion, Growth Mindset, Grit, Goals, Happiness, Gratitude, Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, Autonomy, Motivation, Coaching, and more.

Principle: Growth Mindset claims may be overstated. Quote: “We found that the strength of the claims appears to outweigh the
Principle: Growth Mindset training can nudge up average grades for high school freshmen Quote: “Here we show that a short
Principle: People with more self-control use it less often in daily life. People with a lot of self-control often use
Principle: Habits can be formed by simply repeating an action associated with a cue. Quote: “repeating a behavior in response
Principle: People routinely mis-predict how long a task will take, even when they have done the task before. Quote: “The
Principle: Contrasting what you want with obstacles that might get in the way of taking action to get there and
Principle: The earlier you use self-control, the better the results. It’s easier to control the situation than to control yourself.
Principle: Emotional well-being increases with income, but then flattens out after about $75,000. Quote: More money does not necessarily buy
Principle There are multiple ways to have a good life include more pleasure, more meaning, or more psychological richness. Quote
Principle: People mispredict how future events will make them feel. Quote: “People routinely mispredict how much pleasure or displeasure future


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Research Bites

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Research Bites