Research Bites

One page summaries of Positive Psychology Research from my psychology masters at Harvard Extension and how all of those positive psychology topics fit into Coaching Ourselves and Our Families.

Topics include: Resilience, Habit, Self-Control, Compassion, Growth Mindset, Grit, Goals, Happiness, Gratitude, Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, Autonomy, Motivation, Coaching, and more.

Principle: Changing the story you’re telling yourself is a powerful tool, which doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn for everyone
Principle: When you value something, you tend to seek it. The inevitable occasional mismatch between expectations you hope for and
Principle: Learning emotional competence makes your life better. Quote: “Not only can people improve their emotional competencies as adults, but
Principle: Happiness practices like exprressing optimism and gratitude work better when you are intentionally trying to cultivate happiness and commit
Principle: In psychology research we measure both traits and states of people. Overall states are brief, specific occurrences and traits
Principle: In a relationship, both people’s self-control predicts how good the relationship is. Quote: “Across all three studies, the higher
Principle: When our bodies react to a stressful event, thinking of the reaction as useful actually changes the reaction itself.
Principle: Researched programs taught by regular people can decrease anxiety and depression. Quote: “The positive findings suggest the testable possibility
Principle: Doing acts of kindness led socially anxious people to have more positive emotions. Quote: “participants who engaged in kind
Principle: Text reminders help Implementation Intentions work even better. Quote: “The findings suggest that a combined implementation intention/text-message system is


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Research Bites

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Research Bites